Finding Your Own Path

Growing up, we were always told to “chase your dreams” and to “never stop believing in yourself.” However, what we weren’t told is that as soon as you reach the threshold of adulthood, you’re thrown your orange jumpsuit and told to get in line with society.

Those childhood dreams quickly diminish as American greed takes root in our lives. We suddenly find ourselves no longer wishing to do what feels right, and what gives us purpose, but what will give us the fatter paycheck.We eventually give in and in the blink of an eye we’re staring down our 27th birthday and realize we haven’t been thinking of our purpose, or “path” so to speak.

Very few adults can actually say that they’re 100% genuinely happy with where they are in life. They claim to be, with the dream family, the modest house, and the mid-size sedan, probably a Honda that we love driving. But, are we really happy with ourselves?

We can’t be. Divorce rates are too high, prescription medication abuse is at an all time high, and alcoholism is on the rise. What got us here?

When you subtract the monetary things, are we happy? That is how you figure out if you’re blazing your own path or if you found your way onto a road someone else has already paved.

Do you wake up happy or dreading the day? Do you find yourself constantly questioning your moves. Do you find that you are stressed more? All of these are signs that perhaps, we haven’t been true to ourselves.

I’m not saying don’t get married or have children or buy that Honda. Honda makes a quality car, I drive one… What I’m saying is, while you’re busy doing all of that, make sure that you’re being attentive to your wants and desires. Don’t neglect those.ย In doing so, you could create a whole new set of problems that you won’t realize are there until it’s too late.

So, if you find that you’ve begun walking the path someone else has paved before you, find the nearest pasture and begin making your own path. We all end up at the same destination so there’s really no wrong way to do it. You just have to do it.


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