Someone Elses’ Success Doesn’t Define Your Success

Stop for a moment. Think about what your level of success has been thus far.

Chances are, to yourself you’ll see what you’ve done and pick someone of the same age with a higher level of success and compare.

Many young people like to compare themselves to celebrities who started in the industry at a young age.

Take someone like Demi Lovato for example. She started her career at the young age of 4 on ‘Barney and Friends.’

Most people didn’t recognize her until she started making it big on the Disney Channel as Sonny from ‘Sonny With A Chance.’ But if you look at the amount of years in between those two shows, you’re talking almost a decade.

It has taken someone like Demi Lovato, almost 20 years to achieve the level of success she has and she’s still working to create even more opportunities for herself.

So, now, back to you. What are you trying to achieve? Are you hoping to get better in your line of work? Maybe you want to be fitter and you compare your body to a body builder or a model.

We have to stop using people who have been working in their fields for well over 10-15 years as gauges of where we should be. The only person we should be comparing our success to is ourselves.

Are you further than you were last year? Do you know more than you did 6 months ago? If yes, then you’re well on your way.

I find myself comparing my radio career to that of Ryan Seacrest. Then I slap myself. I’m 25. He’s in his 40s. He’s got 20 years on me, thus, he’s farther along. However, at 25, I’ve accomplished quite a lot in my career and for that, I consider myself successful.

See, when we stop comparing ourselves to those who have been at this longer or who had a “lucky break” then, and only then, will we find that we’re well on our way.

So the next time you find yourself saying “Well Ryan Seacrest was already in Los Angeles at this point…” slap yourself and remember that you’ve come a long way, and you’re doing just fine.


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