It’s Ok To Let Loose

Rigid. Stone cold. Corporate.

Just some of the adjectives I would use to categorize adults in this “new age.”

It’s the reality of many working adults who are trying to live their lives all the while earn a living they can support a family on.

But when did earning a paycheck mean you have to be so rigid?

So many times I see the same thing in adults. Stressed out, trying to pay their bills, and in return neglecting themselves.

Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but being a corporate human being, in my opinion, is not a good attribute to have.

People like fun, light-hearted, easy-going, happy individuals.

So what’s wrong with letting loose every once in a while? Be silly. Spontaneous. Creative. Make fun of yourself.

Don’t take life too seriously or you’ll miss out on the enjoyment of it.

So, enjoy this video that was taken of me provocatively dancing to Ariana Grande.


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