Catching Up With Tara Of Trippin’ With Tara

Many years ago (ok only 6 years ago) I worked at a country radio station in Ocala, Florida and that’s where I met Tara Salinas.

Tara was managing an up and coming country singer named Ryan Weaver and she would come hang out at the radio station.

We always had a blast and looked forward to “playing” on the radio. We never considered it work because it just consisted of eating, laughing and making fun of callers who would be slightly intoxicated. (We weren’t too mean, I promise.)

Well now Tara runs a successful blog called “Trippin’ With Tara” and she gets to do so many cool things!

Recently, she interviewed the cast of Captain America: Civil War, (which btw killed it at the box office.)

Tara and I were talking about my blog and the best practices to get it up and running and how to be successful at something that is constantly changing.

I encourage you to follow her blog and her travels, I found out she has a few trips coming up, one of which I was very jealous about.

Follow Tara on her socials below:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


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