My Blog’s Purpose

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. I greatly appreciate it.

Initially, when I thought about creating a blog, there was no rhyme or reason. I just simply wanted to share the stories I wrote for my radio station’s website on my own personal page.

Now I feel the time has come to give this blog a purpose. My purpose.

You see, I started my entertainment career long before I cracked a mic on a radio station. My career started in 2nd grade when I stepped on stage.

We often think about our first memories and try to recollect what they are. My first acting memory was being judge #2 in Mrs. Coria’s 2nd grade class’ rendition of “Ebeneezer Scrooge.”

It was a short 15 minute play and I had 1 line, but I remember saying my line proudly and wanting more.

So from that moment, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to be an actor. Then I wanted to be a doctor. Then a school bus driver. Then an actor again, and the cycle continued.

At the end of 2nd grade, I got to audition for a coveted extra curricular activity at Shady Hill Elementary School in Ocala, FL. I was going into 3rd grade which meant I was able to audition for the Colt Songsters.

Mrs. Pearson welcomed me with open arms and I loved every minute of it. That was until the bullying started.

I dropped out of the Colt Songsters midway through the year because of what other kids said and I sat out my entire 4th grade year.

Finally, my mom persuaded me to give it another shot in 5th grade, so I auditioned once again, this time for Mr. McAllister and he was floored with my audition. I was in!

I thought, ‘things will be different this time!’

They weren’t.

I dropped out once again midway through my 5th grade year and started playing soccer. Because you know, society says that’s what I should be doing even though I hated it.

Finally I entered middle school and I was determined to be cool. I played soccer still but heard one of the popular girls was doing the talent show, so I decided I wanted to do the show too.

My best friend Spencer and I did a scene from “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” and the audience loved us! Or so I thought.

I declined to do the talent show in 7th grade due to bullying and dropped out of choir and band.

Finally, something happened to me during 7th and 8th grade…some call it puberty, but I called it my inner renaissance.

I stepped back onstage in 8th grade for the talent show and my friend Spencer and our friend Kate did “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” from Veggie Tales. I was hooked again.

Spencer told me how her mom was the acting teacher at Belleview High and that I should take acting 1, which I gladly did.

During my high school years I won a plethora of acting and singing competitions and even made it to the Florida State Thespian Festival where Spencer and I received straight superiors on our duet musical. (That’s a big deal and meant we were invited to the International Thespian Festival.)

Moving on to college I took acting classes every semester. I would skip my math class so I could memorize my lines and read up on the play we were analyzing. I lived for Bobbi Jordan, my instructor. She knew I wanted to make it in Hollywood so she pushed me every single class. I was so sad when she left us to retire.

Which leads me to the present day. At 25 years old, I’m in my prime. But I’m behind the curve in Hollywood standards.

I’m getting to my blog’s purpose, I promise… 🙂

I intend to make it. I have a plan. I know there’s risk, but with anything great, there’s always risk involved.

So, this blog is going to be my place to keep you updated on auditions, bookings, and the journey to success in film and television.

I have faith in myself. I feel confident. I feel that this is my time.


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